Our History

“From humble beginnings, come great things.”

What began as a 2 chair salon in Belleview, FL has now become a team of 10 incredibly talented and passionate humans. From the moment you walk into our space, you are immediately greeted with a smile and can feel the warmth our team has for our guests and for one another.

Our mission at Symmetry Hair Designs is to create moments for our guests ensuring you leave feeling better than you did walking in. Whether its the technical expertise your stylist has, the joyful energy the team exudes or even just the actual time spent with all attention on you, the experience you have at Symmetry will keep you coming back time and again.


Color, Design & Texture

The technical expertise our team collectively has is unparalleled in our community. Symmetry Hair Designs hosts continued education at least once a month for our stylists, focused on a variety of topics such as, new cut and color trends, new launches on products to support your styles and even business building and personal financial awareness.

Cut & Style

Whether you're into a bob, a shag or even a tight fade, our team has you covered!

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If you're looking for a salon company focused on the newest trends in all things color, you've found your home here! From a beautifully blended balayage to an artfully crafted unicorn, our team is ready to jump in and make the magic happen!

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Gorgeous curls to the most smooth locks, our team has a professional recommendation for you.

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Meet Our Team

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.

As a company, we pride ourselves on not only having a team thoroughly trained and technically skilled, but also having a team full of passionate, empathetic humans who love to serve others. Each and every one bring their own unique personality and expertise to the group. Take a peek below to get to know our team and find the stylist that best suites your needs.

Jessie Lewis


Annie Whitehead


Emily Harrington


Jailene Sierra


Join Us

Work With Us

If you are passionate, hardworking and willing to learn and grow everyday, then this could be the salon home for you! We at Symmetry have a desire to be certain our guests can sit in anyone’s chair and leave feeling like a million bucks! We ensure those outcomes by having exceptional training and on-boarding with every person who joins our team. To learn more about the opportunities available, please click the link below.

  • Associate

    All of our stylists join our team as an Associate. This is a very customized program, with a heavy emphasis on ensuring you are confident and capable of growing a large clientele in a short amount of time. We cover everything from our company culture, to color and cutting techniques, to retail recommendations and business skills. If you’re looking for a salon with incredible mentors to learn and grow beside, you’ve found it here!

  • Stylist

    If continuing education, exceptional products and an environment that cultivates individualism and support are priorities to you, we may be a good fit for each other. We at Symmetry understand that no one person can accomplish what we all can together-that requires a spirit of support, authenticity and desire to want to celebrate your teammates daily.

  • Guest Experience Manager

    The first step in getting to know the heart and soul of our company. This is not just about exceptional phone etiquette. This is about building relationships-digitally and socially, on the phone and in person. Our Guest Experience Managers are incredibly important in creating the atmosphere that allows the creativity and artistry to flow from our stylists. If you are a people person who loves connecting with others and are technically savvy, we may be the home for you.